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Home Buyer Classes

CCHS is currently utilizing the Money Smart financial literacy modules that are taught in two weekend sessions. The Money Smart curriculum helps individuals build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence and use banking services effectively. At the end of the course, the successful students receive an achievement certificate and $100 cash from the sponsoring financial institution to start a savings or checking account at their bank of choice.

  • Bank On It - Introduction to bank services and how to open an account
  • Borrowing Basics - An introduction to credit when and how to use credit
  • Check it out - Provides the skills needed to use a checking account correctly.
  • Money Matters - Shows client how to keep track of their money by preparing a budget and following a spending plan.
  • Pay Yourself First - Helps clients understand the importance of saving money and describe savings and investment options.
  • Keep it Safe - Informs clients of their rights as banking customers, describes predatory lending and other harmful practices, such as identity theft and provides advice on how to financially prepare for emergencies.
  • To Your Credit - Emphasizing the importance of building and maintaining a good credit history, explains how to address credit deficiencies and shows students how to read a credit report.
  • Loan to Own - Teaches clients how to shop for and use a credit card responsibly.
  • Loan to Own - Describes the characteristics of consumer installment loans and how to determine which loans are best for their needs.
  • Your Own Home - Help students determine if they are ready to become homeowners.
Upon completion of the 10 money smart modules, students will have the knowledge and resources they need to confidently use the services and savings and loan products of financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. In addition, they will be able to create and implement a budget, use credit and borrow money responsibly, protect their financial rights and safeguard their money, and determine their readiness to buy a home. CCHS certified, trained and bilingual staff teaches the classes and also collaborates with partners such as local financial, real estate, credit and housing counselors. The Money Smart training program and homeownership seminar is offered in different communities on a quarterly basis; homeownership presentations are done once a month. However, one-on-one counseling sessions are provided daily depending on individual needs and include, but are not limited to, credit repair or credit establishment, banking, predatory lending, fair housing issues, saving, pre-purchase as well as post purchase, mortgage affordability, plan development, budgeting, down payment assistance options, grant seeking and program requirements, energy/water conservation, recycling, pre-construction and safety, sweat equity, self empowerment and referrals. All of these services are offered in English and Spanish and are free of charge.
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