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Your Gifts At Work

Joe, a military father, recently moved to Wenatchee with his young son. Overwhelmed, he called Child Care Resource & Referral for help to find child care. After a week of searching, all his requests were met—the perfect child care was located for his 4 year old son. He was elated—“I could not have done this without you!”
With your support, you welcomed this young father home to Wenatchee and helped him find a safe, fun, learning environment for his precious son. To meet the growing needs in our community we began two new programs this year--the Kinship Navigator program assisting grandparents raising grandchildren and relatives raising next of kin and the Valley Intervention Program helping young parents learn successful ways to deal with their preschool child’s behavior. 
Leah, a single mom, was searching for help when she enrolled in the Valley Intervention Program. Three year old Kim was constantly throwing temper tantrums so severe she was worried about Kim hurting her infant brother. In recent months, mom reports that everything has changed…Kim is following directions, is kind to her brother, and is even successful in preschool. Mom is confident with her new skills as a parent and has positive hope for her children’s future!
Without your support, where would Leah have found help? Many more are feeling alone and hopeless in our community. Won't you please help us meet their needs this year? Any size gift - any amount - is extremely helpful. It not only allows us to continue to serve those most in need, it lifts us up and sustains us as well.
Baby Cody was dropped off on Aunt Ella’s doorstep at just 4 months of age, weighing only 9 lbs. with a blanket and bottle, when his mother could no longer care for him. Even with two children of her own, Ella was committed to seek custody of Cody so he could remain with family. With the help of Child Protective Services and the Kinship Program, the family was mentored through the legal custody process and received infant winter clothes. Cody is now thriving in his new home!
Ella was thankful that Catholic Family & Child Service was there when she did not know where to turn. Whether a parent seeking counseling to deal with the challenges of parenthood or an elderly person needing help with yard clean-up and home repair to remain living independently, we strive to meet their needs with help from generous folks like you. Life can be difficult for someone who does not have enough to eat, warm clothes to wear, a warm place to lay their head down to rest or just struggling to hold their fragile family together.

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