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MCP’s partners


 Mabton Community.  The community has unveiled profound enthusiasm for the project as they continually initiate new ways to expand grassroots support.  The Mabton community creatively balances dreams and visions for the park while never parting from their responsibility and gumption to accomplish it.

The City of Mabton. Mabton City Mayor Angel Reyna has shown tremendous support for the community park project. Councilman Mario Martinez has also demonstrated profound enthusiasm for the project through his attendance at every community design meeting and the involvement of his entire family. The City Council looks forward to fostering stronger relationships with Mabton residents through the project and particularly through a community partnership to develop an effective park maintenance plan.

Mabton School District.  Minerva Morales, Mabton School District Superintendent and member of the park Steering Group has opened the school doors to allow CCHS to work directly with school teachers, staff and students in spreading awareness about the park. Jay Tyus, Mabton High School Principal, Robert Morales, Mabton Middle School Principal, and Angie Ozuna, Mabton Elementary School Principal, have also been present at design meetings. All are thrilled about the experiential learning opportunities this park project provides for their students.  Tamara Steen, Curriculum and Assessment Director, and half a dozen students work avidly on a student-initiated video documentary for the project. The Mabton School District unquestioningly serves as a major support for the project.

Pomegranate Center.  Founded in 1986, Pomegranate Center is an internationally recognized non-profit leader in developing neighborhood gathering spaces. Pomegranate Center values community-based planning at its core to ensure gathering spaces are truly desired and designed by the community. They integrate social, artistic and environmental perspectives into creating gathering places, not simply parks.  Milenko Matanovic, Pomegranate’s Executive Director and longtime artist and community organizer, created Pomegranate Center as a means of accessing the artist in all people and using such creativities to address social and environmental issues inhibiting cohesive communities today.  Visit their website at

Yakima Valley Community Foundation. The Yakima Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) mission is to improve the cultural, economic, social, health and educational quality of life for residents of Yakima County, with special attention to unmet needs, and to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals.  YVCF is grounded in four core values: integrity, civility, justice, and stewardship.  The Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was instrumental in granting CCHS $15,000 of initial funding allowing CCHS to work with Pomegranate Center. The YAC is mentored by YVCF staff, reviews Letters of Request, scores applications, participates in site visits, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Historically, YVCF has been a significant investor in many of CCHS’ previous projects including the Buena Nueva playground last spring. CCHS is honored to have YVCF’s continued support on this project. Visit their website at

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